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Construction Law Attorney Hilton Head
Construction Law Attorney Hilton Head

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Being involved in the construction business is tough, and the building process is very complicated. Builders and contractors must consider many laws and regulations in the federal, state, and even in the city they are doing business in. There are safety guidelines to adhere to, restrictions on zoning, and construction noise to consider, and even environmental ordinances to follow. With so many rules you need to know and follow, you are bound to have legal issues to settle every now and then, especially if you have construction projects in various states.

Construction law encompasses many different fields in law. A construction lawyer must be well-versed in areas such as contract law, commercial law, employment law, and tort. Denny Fraser of Fraser Law Firm, LLC is a trained and seasoned lawyer that can help you with a wide range of legal services for Construction Law Attorney and many more.

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Construction Law Services We Offer

Construction Law Lawyer Hilton Head

1. Dispute Resolution

Most disputes come from contract breaches in either one or both of the parties involved. To settle these disputes, it is better to consult a lawyer for legal advice before agreeing to any arrangements. This is to ensure that you and your business are protected while at the same time, making sure that you are doing your part in the construction project.

Fraser Law Firm, LLC assists clients in the timely and cost-efficient resolution of construction projects and contract disputes.

2. Risk Management

The construction industry is an extremely high-risk business. Sometimes, there are unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that come your way while in the middle of a project. Many factors can negatively affect construction schedules and programs, one of the biggest factors being site and weather conditions. The longer and the bigger the project, the more volatile it is.

We, at Fraser Law Firm, LLC, help clients in minimizing the risk associated with construction by auditing systems, practices, and procedures to achieve minimal exposure to liability and to safeguard your business during and after the construction project.

3. Project Consultation

Construction projects, especially large scale ones, take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is important that you first evaluate and assess the project and your capacities as well before agreeing to a contract.

Construction lawyers can help with this by providing valuable advice, often referred to as ‘front-end’ advice. These include reviewing contracts and identifying key risk areas, advising on and negotiating the terms of the contract, facilitating any amendments needed, and many more.

Denny Fraser of Fraser Law Firm, LLC is a well-versed construction law attorney that will assist you with project review and consultation to help minimize the risk associated with the construction process, product procurement, trade management, and governmental compliance.

construction Law Attorney Hilton head

Construction Lawyer In Okatie, SC

The construction industry is a very complex trade, that with many laws to consider, from the federal to the local authorities. Additionally, it is a very high-risk and volatile business that can be affected by natural and unforeseen events that can hinder its operations. It is a serious business with many factors in play, and so it is important to safeguard your business as much as you can.

Denny Fraser of Fraser Law Firm, LLC would like to help you choose the right construction projects for your business that will be finished with as low risk as possible. We offer legal consultation and advice, risk assessment and management, and many more.

If you are a construction company and are in need of Construction Law Attorney services, Denny Fraser of Fraser Law Firm, LLC is here for you.


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