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Over the years, some homes deteriorate and lose their value. Through time, there are also real estate properties that do not blend to modern times anymore. Some renovation might be needed to make sure that your home or property maintains its worth.

Home renovation may entail repair or replacement of broken structures in your house. Small home projects you can do for your home may include the installation of new doors, windows, or flooring. On the other hand, bigger home renovation may involve tearing down some walls for additional rooms or floor expansion.

The kitchen and bathroom makeover is among the most common home renovation projects. Installation of a swimming pool and spa can also increase your home value.

For every home renovation project, a contract is necessary. A home renovation contract will give homeowners the security that their project will be completed on a specific timeline and within the budget. The home renovation contract also defines the agreement between the homeowner and the company or business who will do the repair or work.

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Things You Should Know About Home Renovation Contracts

What’s Inside A Home Renovation Contract?

Home renovation contracts should adhere to the laws of the state and the locality for it to become legal. Signatures of the parties involved, including homeowners, contractors, or the renovation company, must be affixed on the written document too. Information about both parties is also written on the contract.

The home renovation contract also contains the nature of the project, as well as the price of the materials used, labor costs, and other expenses that the job may entail. It also specifies the duties of the contractor.

The most important use of a home renovation contract is to settle legal disputes. In the agreement, the information on where to file a lawsuit is also stated. Some contracts, however, have a “no-litigation” clause. This means both parties have to resolve the dispute through negotiations or other resolution methods.

How Do You Avoid Home Renovation Contract Violation?

The most common home renovation lawsuit is a breach of contract. Since a violation of a home renovation contract can incur monetary damages under the law, you must ask a contract lawyer from Hilton Head, SC.

A Real Estate Attorney in Hilton Head Island, SC can help you avoid the hassle and the legal obligations of contract violation. A professional legal adviser can be of great assistance to review the contract if there’s any violation of both parties.

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