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When you Die Without A Will, who gets all of your earthly belongings? This is often a question that comes up when talking about wills, estates, living wills, and the like.

There are many misconceptions about this topic. Some believe the State gets your stuff. Some believe your stuff gets tied up in the abyss of probate forever.

Well, the former is almost completely untrue, and the latter is only partially untrue. The State only gets your stuff if and only if you have no living blood relatives anywhere on the planet.

Most everyone has some little droplet in their bloodline somewhere. And probate is not an abyss, because, unlike an actual abyss, your stuff will eventually find its way out.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to seek the advice of a Hilton Head Estate Planning Attorney. Denny Fraser of Fraser Law Firm, LLC can help you protect your assets and your loved ones.

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What Happens When You Die Without A Will

  • When you die without a will and have some assets (this is the important part – assets $$$$$), someone who is quite likely would like to inherit your stuff will ask the Probate Court to open an “intestate” estate. The court will then begin the process of determining the process of who is legally entitled to get your stuff—your spouse, then kids, then grandkids, then great-grandkids, then parents, then siblings, then the family dog. Ok, the family dog thing can’t happen—unless you did a will.

Prevent A Family Feud Over Who Gets What By Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney

  • So now we have another really great reason to have a will—someone has to look after the dog that you love more than anyone on earth. Yep, a dog is a personal property in the eyes of the law, and your dog, no matter how much you love it, is just part of your stuff to be handed off to some distant relative if you die without a will.

Have a will done so that cute dog or cat or gerbil or goldfish will end up in a good loving home after your time on this earth is done!

  • Your loved ones will have to pay Uncle Sam a lot of money for federal taxes, state taxes, and inheritance taxes. Estate planning can help slash off or even completely eliminate these. Your Hilton Head Estate Planning Attorney can also help you lower the income tax that your beneficiaries might have to pay. However, if you do not have a will, all these taxes would be quite pricey.

Estate Planning and More

Denny Fraser has had years in the practice of law, so he is able to successfully assist clients in estate planning. He likewise works on real estate transactions, construction law, employment law, credit relations law, property owner’s association law, and general litigation.

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