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The Real Estate industry is a complicated venture more so if you don’t get the right residential or commercial Real Estate Lawyer. Engage a Lawyer when you consider buying or selling the property as they will take you through the laws and regulations regarding the property. It’s quite easy to lose money, especially when you don’t follow the right channel to acquire a property.

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Okatie, SC Real Estate Transactions

Real estate law is quite complex and requires a lot of paperwork and negotiation. It likewise involves high assets and large investments on the part of both the buyer and the seller.

Below are the Okatie, SC Real Estate Transactions that a competent real estate attorney will help with:


Contracts, also referred to as Offer to Purchase, must specify details of the transaction, such as the cost of the sale, a summary of the property, and terms and conditions that both parties agreed on.

Title Searches

This is a necessary task for your attorney in order to look for and retrieve documents related to the history of the property. It also enlightens both parties as to the issues and regulations attached to the property.

Title Insurance

Getting your attorney to work on a title insurance is imperative to safeguard you from any unforeseen problems that don’t come up during the title search, such as a forged deed, missing heirs, clerical errors, etc.

Closing Transactions

You will be thankful you hired a lawyer to work on closing transactions. This transaction entails a lot of documents, inspections, and executing all formalities to finally close the deal.

An Okatie, SC Real Estate Attorney To Represent You

Before embarking on any real estate transaction, you can contact a competent Okatie, SC Real Estate Attorney to represent you. In choosing a real estate lawyer, you must consider the attorney’s years of experience in practice.

For cost-effective legal and quality attorney services, call Denny Fraser of The Fraser Law Firm and book an appointment. We provide valuable counsel to individuals and businesses in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

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