Bluffton SC Estate Planning

Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney
Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney

Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney

When people talk of estates, most people think of apartments, buildings or real estate developments owned by individuals. For this reason, most people think they don’t own any estate. Truth of the matter is, almost everyone has an estate that they own. Your estate is made up of anything you own. From your home, bank accounts, car, furniture, personal possessions or life insurance. Learn more about Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney with the Fraser Law Firm, LLC.

Regardless of how small your estate worth is, it’s yours and you need to make better plans for it. Estate planning is the act of planning how each and every property you own will be disposed of once you become incapacitated or in the event of death.

Estate planning is very important. One missing signature or word can change a whole trust or will. Finding the right Bluffton SC Estate Planning in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina attorney can save you lots of stress.

 At Fraser Law Firm LLC, we believe that our clients should not pay an arm and a leg to afford the much-needed legal services. Call us today and let our experienced Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney professionals help in your estate planning needs. Our many years of experience has enabled us to have an excellent track record with a long list of satisfied clients that is hard to beat.

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Importance of Estate Planning in Bluffton, SC

1. Eliminates family scandals and legal battles

We are all aware of the horror stories that surround some rich families. Once a rich person dies, their family begins fighting each other because of the property and money they had. Such incidences if not handled well, always end up in court. Estate planning therefore becomes necessary in helping quell the family disputes that might arise.

2. Rightful beneficiaries

Without an estate plan, your property might end up being assigned to the wrong beneficiaries. Lack of an estate plan will make the court the full decision makers on who gets what out of your property. More often than not, the court’s decision might not be in favor of your family. Don’t let your family mourn twice. Call us right now and let us embark on your estate plan.

3. Family Protection

Most young people never think of death. But sometimes, it comes knocking. When you have children, it’s important to consider an estate plan. This will give you the right to state your children’s guardians in the event both parents die before they get to the age of 18 and how to distribute your property.

4. Taxes

In the event a breadwinner dies and there was no will or trust left behind, the family is exposed to paying very high taxes. By the time the court decides – which might take a lot of time – on the distribution of the late person’s property, you will have incurred very high estate taxes. However, having an estate plan in place can help relieve your family of this burden.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

  • Get an attorney who has a focus in estate planning
  • Hire a locally based attorney as they will be well aware of your state’s law on estate planning. Different states have different laws
  • Ask for referrals from your neighbors or friends who’ve hired the services of one before
  • Consult and get a quotation first before engaging putting pen to paper
Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney

Protect Your Family and Assets

Simply put: If you want to protect your family and assets and are considering hiring a Bluffton estate Planning Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, South Carolina, then Fraser Law Firm LLC, is your right partner. We have no hidden charges and will work to ensure you are satisfied and that your estate planning needs are met. Call us today Bluffton SC Estate Planning Attorney and let us help you protect your family.

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