Sure it sounds biblical, THY WILL BE DONE.  And I guess in a way maybe it is.  Even more biblical, it is no coincidence that a will is also called a TESTAMENT.  The last Will and Testament is a person’s chance to state what they want done with their possessions, who they want to care for […]

Get that Will done. Why?

It is a great week on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Sun City Hilton Head, Oaktie.  Good week to get an estate plan done.  That’s right.  A will, living will, health care directive, business power of attorney.  All those documents are for the living time.  The living will takes care of end of life decisions so […]

Hot Summer Real Estate Closings

This summer has been HOT.  REALLY HOT! Real estate sales on Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie and Sun City Hilton Head have been just as HOT.  We have had so much fun helping buyers, sellers, realtors and lenders get through the real estate closing process.  The closing process even with all the government’s new “help” […]

Sun City Hilton Head

The summer has favored us with many new friends (clients) in Sun City Hilton Head in Okatie, SC.  Both real estate closings and estate planning.  Great people to work with.  We new have a office presence in the Sun City area at the Regus Office Center at 110 Traders Cross, Bluffton, SC.  It has really been […]

Interest Rate Christmas Present?

The FED announced today that a small interest rate hike is coming — I guess along with Santa Claus. Good thing or bad thing?  Who knows?  I will be interested to see what effect if any the hike will have on home purchases and residential refinances.  Many have been lulled into believing that rates will stay […]

Holiday Season Not So Slow

The Holiday Season which for those with kids began with Halloween started a little slow in the real estate closing world, but by Thanksgiving, we were all thankful for the real estate to pick up steam.  Now heading into Christmas we are again thankful to see 2015 ending strong.  We have been so blessed to […]

Politeness essential to real estate closings

Politeness is an essential to real estate transactions and closings.  A real estate sale or purchase can be emotional for the buyer or seller.  A full range of emotions comes into the mix – joy, anxiety, frustration, anger, fear, impatience – to name a few.  Lawyers, real estate pros and bankers see transactions everyday.  It […]

Welcome to Our Blog

Our first blog post at Fraser Law Firm is to announce our new web site located at Now that you are here, we hope you find the new site inviting and easy to find all the information that you need. Welcome to Fraser Law Firm, LLC. admin

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