The good news is that the millions of starving lawyers wandering the streets of America scavenging for food or whatever they can live on are not actually zombies.  They just look like zombies.  Some even have cardboard signs saying “I WILL SUE FOR FOOD.”  The industry of creating lawyers Law School at Fifty Book  without regard for the need for lawyers in the marketplace keeps pumping out lawyers by the thousands.  Young college graduates beg to get into law school without the slightest molecule of market research to see if their years of study and mountains of debt will ever pay off.  The quick and sad answer for many young lawyers is that the profession will never pay off.   I even wrote a great book about this very topic.

LAW SCHOOL AT FIFTY – READ IT NOW, THANK ME LATER.  It’s on Amazon.  Here’s a handy link:

It’s actually a cool book Law School at Fifty Book  about doing something really hard, and can apply to anything really hard, but since my uphill battle was with law school, that is the topic.  The neat thing is that everyone loves the book because much of the events are funny in a slapstick sort of way, which is much like my life in general.  Of course I did go to law school and got out with a JD and even passed the bar on the first try.  Not bad for a fifty year old kid.  I even have a job.  I practice law in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Sun City Hilton Head area and Okatie.  I do real estate law, estate planning and business law.  Read this book Law School at Fifty Book  .   You will love it!





Law School at Fifty Book


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